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Pre-school Ballet/Tap Combination

Pink leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, black baby doll tap shoes.

Hair in a bun.


Students enrolled in the 6/7 years classes and older



Black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes. Hair in a bun.  If need be, the students can wear black booty shorts over the leotard, or a black ballet skirt.


Jazz/Musical Theater/Lyrical/Modern

Black booty short or black jazz pants, black tank.  Black jazz shoes, or dance paws. Hair in a pony pail, neatly away from the face.


Hip Hop

Black booty shorts, black tank or black t-shirt, black jazz sneakers. During the colder months, sweat pants over the booty shorts.  Hair in a pony tail.



Black leotard, jazz pants.  Black tap shoes with laces.  Hair in a pony tail.


No jeans, or street clothes.  No street shoes are permitted in the studios.  Furthermore, no jewelry should be worn in class, as it can be dangerous, and when asked to be removed it is usually lost in the changing area.


Please note that it is the dancers’ responsibility to adhere to the dress code required by the studio.  It is only through mutual respect that we can offer a successful program, therefore the staff should not be enforcing the dress code in class. Come prepared to dance! For your convenience, we offer now dance basics at our Dance Corner boutique.


Dance Terminology


Ballet: Ballet education begins with mastering the placement of the body, legs and arms. Beginner students work towards developing technique and coordination. As students advance, classes become increasingly complex in terms of the development of strength, stability and grace.


Tap: This dance form involves rhythmic sounds that are created the feet to teach the student rhythm, timing, and balance.


Hip Hop: This dance form focuses on the current “street style” of dance. The dancer will learn high energy routines demonstrating style and rhythm, and developing musicality.


Jazz: Jazz, a form of dance technique with roots in classical ballet, focuses on a combination of musical theater, lyrical and modern. Throughout all levels of jazz, students focus upon proper body alignment and conditioning. The style of dance commonly referred to as jazz can be characterized by isolations, quick body movements and complicated rhythms.


Lyrical: Lyrical is an expressive yet technically challenging form of dance that combines ballet, jazz and modern dance styles. It involves an in-depth emotional performance by the dancer. Usually inspired by slow music, this expressive dance form is a growing trend in dance today.


Musical Theater: A jazz class that is Broadway and theater oriented incorporating the jazz styles used in musical theater productions.


Leaps and Turns: Focus is on personal development and growth in flexibility, leaps and turns. This class is for the dancer looking to go further with their technique and training. Because of the dedicated nature to growth in technique, this class does not have a recital dance so each student can use the entire class for growth purposes for the entire year.


Modern: This class explores movement, rhythm and space through the dancer’s creativity. Students will be introduced to various modern techniques through warm up, progressions and combinations.