Crowd with Masks


We take the presence of the Covid-19/Coronavirus very seriously, and as such, will be implementing precautions and policies to protect each and every person who enters the studio. These policies, for the time being, are set in stone, and will be observed by everyone physically present in the studio at any time. Anyone refusing to follow these policies will be asked to leave the studio.



  • ALL employees will enter the studio wearing a mask and temperature will be checked upon entry.

  • Employees must leave immediately if temperature is over 100.4 °F.

  • All employees are required to wash hands or use sanitizer before entering/re-entering the studios.

  • All employees are required to wear a mask in all common areas.

  • All teachers will wear masks and sanitize their hands when correcting and spotting children (parents may request no physical corrections in writing)



  • Trilogy School of Performing Arts has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before reopening.

  • All surfaces and bathrooms will be wiped clean multiple times daily with a disinfectant that is proven to kill Coronavirus and other germs, using a sprayer.

  • All dance floors and high touch surfaces such as doorknobs and ballet barres will be sanitized after every class.



  • Students should arrive no earlier than 5 min prior to their scheduled class start time.

  • All dancers age 2 and up must enter the facility wearing a mask.

  • Students are required to wash hands or use sanitizer before entering/re-entering the studios

  • Temperature will be taken of all dancers upon entry. If a dancer’s temperature is over 100.4 °F, they will not be allowed to attend class and a parent will be contacted to pick them up.

  • Parents must pick up dancers immediately at the ending time. Dancers will not be allowed to stay in the building after class has completed.

  • For our younger kids when it is dark we are going to ask parents to drive up possibly with the child's name in the window so we can send the child out to the correct car, alternatively parents can pick up outside the studio exit door



  • Dancers must arrive in dance attire and bring a small bag containing only their shoes and personal water bottle. (All items should be labeled).

  • Dancers will enter and be directed to either marked 10’ spaced squares

  • If a dancer leaves the studio (restroom) they are required to wash hands and use hand sanitizer before re-entry.

  • All ballet barres and any props used by children will be sanitized

  • Water Fountains are closed. Dancers will need to bring a water bottle - if a bottle is left behind it will be discarded so possibly consider a disposable bottle with their name on it, Water will be available for $1.00 at our snack shop. We will also have snacks available for purchase at our snack shop.




  • One adult per dancer age 6 and under is allowed in the waiting room. Parents will have their temperatures checked and will need to disinfect their hands.when entering the studio. Parents must wear their mask while in the studio. Siblings of dancers are not allowed in the waiting room. Parents of dancers ages 6 and up must stay in their car if they remain on the premises.

  • An office staff member will be at the front desk during all classes. Please call with any questions you may have.



  • Anyone uncomfortable with sending their child to the studio for any reason.

  • Anyone with a dancer or family member who feels ill or has fever.

  • Anyone living with an immuno-compromised family member.

  • Anyone living or interacting with elderly people on a regular basis.

  • Anyone who has been diagnosed with or exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19

  • If you are exposed to Covid-19, we would appreciate you letting us know. We will keep you anonymous but this info must be shared.

  • If you are not comfortable sending your child back, you can request the class be available on zoom

  • If you are exposed you must quarantine for 14 days even if you feel fine and you may request the classes to be zoomed - we will not automatically zoom a class. There are no refunds for missed classes as we have the zoom option.