Studio Rules And Policies


Trilogy School of Performing Arts (TSPA)

  • Just as teachers are expected to respect students, students are expected to respect each other, the faculty and staff.

  • As a matter of respect for dance peers and the teacher, dancers are to keep talking to a minimum during class and participate fully in the lesson. Dancers who consistently refuse to follow directions or respect their classmates may be asked to sit out of class

  • Cell phones MUST be left outside of the studios.

  • No gum, food or drinks of any kind (except water) are allowed inside the studios.

  • All dancers should bring a labeled water bottle to the studio.

  • Dancers are to leave bags, coats, and other personal belongings outside of the studios. Cubbies are available to all dancers. TSPA also has lockers available for teens and seniors upon request.

  • TSPA and it’s staff are not liable for any damage to or losses of personal property or valuables. We recommend that all items are labeled with the dancers name

  • No gossip, obscene language or inappropriate conversations are tolerated during class or around the studio.

  • No running, yelling or rough playing at the studio

  • Please be prompt in dropping off and picking up your student

  • For their safety, all students must be escorted into the studio before lessons and wait inside the studio to be picked up after lessons

  • Parents must ensure your student is with an Instructor and in a lesson before leaving

  • Parents are responsible for monitoring all siblings not in lessons

  • Help keep your studio clean and tidy. Please throw all trash in garbage bins


Consistency IS important! Plan your time wisely (homework, extracurricular activities, etc) so that you can attend all of your dance classes each week.

When you miss a class not only are you missing out on class instruction, but you are also holding back your peers from advancing in a routine.


Here at Trilogy we believe in creating a safe and positive environment where each and every student can feel safe. No gossip, obscene language or inappropriate conversations will be tolerated.  Bullying and or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated and can result in termination with the Trilogy Family.


Teens and Seniors

As an older dancer and role model, inappropriate conversations or negative discussions are not allowed in front of younger dancers.

Trilogy Dancer Dress Code

  • Students are required to wear appropriate shoes and attire to all lessons; Jeans are not acceptable for any lesson

  • Dress code for all classes is a black form fitting top and black shorts or leggings

  • Ballet students are required to wear a Black leotard and pink tights; hair in a bun; pink ballet shoes

  • Parents are responsible to supply all appropriate shoes & dance attire

  • Hair must be pulled away from the face and securely fastened

  • No excessive jewelry should be worn during lessons

  • No outside shoes allowed on the dance floors

  • Dance shoes must not be worn outside

  • Trilogy is not responsible for any loss, theft, damage to personal property



  • Students should strive for perfect attendance year-round.  For students to participate in any performances they must attend regularly

  • Arriving late to class can be disruptive to other students, distracting to the focus of a learning atmosphere and difficult on the groups’ progression in learning. If you arrive later than 15 minutes past the start time of class, it is up to your teachers’ discretion as to whether or not you will be allowed to join the class on the floor, or be required to only observe.

  • Please notify the studio as soon as possible if a student will be absent from a lesson

  • There are no credits or refunds given for missed lessons

  • Make-up classes are offered as a courtesy; availability cannot be guaranteed.  Make-ups expire at 30 days from absence

  • Dancers excessively absent from class may be removed from the show or group dances that are affected at Directors discretion

  • It is the dancer’s responsibility to manage their time so that dance, schoolwork and other outside activities do not conflict