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- When does your session start/end? - 
Our session dates can be found under the UPCOMING EVENTS tab on the

- Are your prices per class, per month, or per session? -
Please reference the TUITION tab under CLASSES on our website. The red heading for each session clarifies what fees are and how they are charged.

- Is there a dress code for my child's class? -
The dress code and class requirements can be found on our website.


- What is the cut off date for classes listed by age or grade? -

Our ages/grades are calculated as of August 31 for both the Summer Session before that date and the Regular Season to follow that date. Example: Your child will turn 6 years old in July and will be going into 1st grade in the Fall season. You should register for classes including 1st grade in the title for the Summer Session as well as for the Regular Season.

- My child turns 5 in mid-season. Can they level up to the older age/grade bracket once they are old enough? -
We divide our classes with a strict cut off date for the Early Childhood Program (DiscoverDance) and the Primary Division (K-4th grade classes). Our reason for this is based on brain-science regarding the developing child in each developmental stage of their early life. The best way to put it is to think about an academic school year. A 4-year-old does not automatically join Kindergarten as soon as they turn 5. They must wait until the Kindergarten cut off date for developmental purposes. 

Please keep in mind that as your child is changing to the next age, so are the children in the age level above them. This does not actually put a newly turned 5 year old at the same developmental stage of the students in the next level higher.

- Do DiscoverDance students have a concert performance? -
Our DiscoverDance classes have two in-studio performances in the course of a full season. The first is our winter holiday performance in December and the second is our summer blast performance at the end of May. Dates for these will be announced shortly before the start of our Regular Season classes. If you have more questions regarding our DiscoverDance program, please email

- My child has already taken the Level II class in the

Pre-Professional Division. She should be in the Level III class now.

Why is she still placed in Level II? -
For our Pre-Professional Division, there are only 3-4 total levels. The grades included are 5th-12th. This means a dancer cannot move up each season just by default. Pre-Professional dancers advance to the next level when they have mastered technical proficiency in their current level. 

Our instructors put in many hours creating Spring Evaluations that are personalized to each student. These evaluations will give details towards why a dancer is or is not moving up to the next level for the upcoming season. Please make sure to give attention to these documents, when sent, before asking us to make special exceptions for your child. We take high value in placing students appropriately, based on our professional knowledge in the dance field. Thank you for trusting that we are equip to do this properly.

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