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K-4th Grade Classes

K- 1st grade ballet/tap/creative

This combo class introduces 11 dance concepts throughout the season, combined into the structure of the 3 dance styles we explore in each class. Students will grow to see improvement in gross motor skills, flexibility, coordination, and rhythmic awareness. Our timeline is 25 minutes of each style. Dancers will graduate from this class with all the essentials needed to enter any style of dance in the future.

2nd-4th Grade Ballet/Creative

Throughout the season, we will dive deep into exploring 11 different dance concepts. While incorporating the structure of a Ballet class setting, we also integrate a more free form/expressive atmosphere for the Creative portion of class. Students will focus heavily on gross motor skills, flexibility, coordination, and proper technique in Ballet. We will also explore activities that increase creative thinking and problem solving skills in Creative. Our timeline is 35-40 minutes of Ballet and 20-25 minutes of Creative.

K-1st and 2nd-4th Jazz

This class focuses heavily on body isolations, proper body placement, cognitive thinking, and ease of flow vs accented movements. Dancers will learn how to expand their dynamic range in terms of smooth vs sharp, light vs strong, and small vs big movements.

K-1st and 2nd-4th Grade Hip Hop

Dancers will explore various dynamics and rhythmic qualities. There is great concentration on body isolations and proper muscle engagement, along with developing an understanding of musical accents and timing.

2nd-4th Grade Poms

Dancers will focus on sharp body isolations, proper muscle engagement, and Jazz dance techniques to achieve the essence of Poms dance. In addition, dancers will incorporate holding pom poms as a prop while dancing. It is recommended that students also take a Jazz technique class for better body placement, cognitive thinking, vocabulary comprehension, and versatility.

2nd-4th Grade Tap

In this class, we concentrate on understanding musical beats. There is a strong emphasis on rhythmic quality, and sound articulation. Tap dance helps to increase balance, weight shift, and musical clarity. It is the only dance style where students are considered to be both dancers and musicians! Black tap shoes required.


2nd-5th grade Acro

Dancers in this class will improve skills such as balance, flexibility, agility, strength, and motor coordination. Building upon these elements will progress to learning tumbling skills.


2nd-4th grade Lyrical & Improv

Dancers will combine technique styles of both jazz and ballet to discover movements rooted in storytelling and expression. Dancers will work on skills related to fluidity, musicality, and music lyric observation. The improv section of the class will allow dancers to focus on spontaneous, creative movement based on self-expression and self-discovery.

2nd-4th grade Musical Theater

Within this class, dancers will discover how to combine aspects of dancing, acting, and singing. Dancers will learn how to control breathing and reserve energy, while portraying exciting stories through song and dance.

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